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How do I submit a document for translation ?
You can send us the documents to be translated via email indicating the target language and time frame. It will be helpful if you provide us with some information on the target audience, if any, and about yourself including telephone, email address, etc. if needed you can mention special instructions for the translators.


I am not seeing a language of my interest in your website can you still translate my documents ?
Yes, most likely. We work with translators all over the world. Please contact us to find out.



What are your rates ?
We offer the most reasonable rates in industry. We charge on a per word basis for every language ordered. The rates vary according to the nature of the job. The influential factors are size, target language, time frame (some times) and nature of the text.



How confidential will my work remain with you ?
We very well understand the importance of safeguarding the proprietary information our clients have to share with us while discussing or executing their projects and we guarantee all clients that their data will always be treated confidentially and within a secure environment. We guarantee that all information and data provided by you including telephone numbers, email addresses, other contents are treated with foolproof confidentiality and never shared with any third parties by us. All our translators and team members are under strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. We can, upon request, sign a nondisclosure agreement with our customers.



How can I remit payment to you ?
Final price can be given on receipt of the project details. Our normal payment terms are within 30 days from the date of invoice. However for the project more than USD 1000.00 we normally ask for 100% advance from new client and payment can be done through Bank wire transfer or www.xoom.com. For smaller order we accept payment through PayPal and Moneybookers.



What are the languages you translate ?
We translate all major Indian, Asian and European languages.



How can I view documents in foreign languages ?
To open and view the translated document in new language, your computer must support the language otherwise the text will not display accurately. Windows 2000 and later Microsoft OS are integrated with multi-language support for double-byte character languages including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Support for double-byte character sets is available for download from Microsoft for an older version of a Windows OS using Internet Explorer 4.0 or above.



Can you certify and/or notarize your translations ?
Certification and notarization are available upon request.

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